Las Vegas Hotel Slip-And-Fall Injury Lawyer

When visiting any business or establishment, you have the right to proceed with confidence that the owner or manager is protecting you from any imminent danger. Hotels and casinos are no exception.

Any time a fall occurs, the injury and pain to the victim can be severe and lasting. Slips can cause serious damage, including back injuries, head injuries, broken bones, brain injury, injuries to the spine, and other conditions that can result in chronic pain.

Common danger areas for these types of falls can include:

  • Wet lobby floors
  • Hotel bars and restaurants
  • Casino floors with spilled drinks
  • Raised surfaces or unmarked steps
  • Unmarked shallow ends in pools

Hotel pools can often be home to unseen dangers. Guests already expect that surfaces directly surrounding the pool will obviously be wet and often exercise caution in the areas. The dangers can extend up into the hotel, though, with water being tracked into entrances and areas that should be protected with mats or intentionally dried by the staff.

Nevada Casino Slip-And-Fall Attorneys — Advocacy In Hotel Accident Liability

At Eglet Wall Christiansen of Las Vegas, Nevada, we represent visitors and guests to hotels and casinos who have been injured due to the negligence of ownership, staff or management. Our attorneys hold these businesses accountable for the lasting pain caused by their errors or mistakes.

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